How long is the AAU season?
Tryouts will typically take place the third week of March. Practices will begin the first week in April through mid-June with our final weekend tournament the second weekend June.

When do the practices and games take place?
Practices will be held 2x per week (depending on your team) and will take place the same day/time/location of the week as the tryout date attended.

What does the registration fee entail?
With registration, your child will receive quality weekly instruction from our coaches, custom game jersey and shorts (if they do not already have one),  and tournament or league play.  Please check out our store once tryouts begin to see our newest gear!

My son/daughter plays several sports.  Is that a problem?
Not only is it not a problem, we ENCOURAGE our youth athletes to play several sports in their adolescent years.  Studies have shown that children opting to play multiple sports in their adolescence results in lower stress levels, lower likelihood of quitting and minimized injury*. We want our youth athletes to experience the broad spectrum of sports in their environment, however, the Unity Legends basketball program is a commitment that we expect our athletes to see through once a player is linked to a team.

My child has not played basketball on a team before, will this be right for him/her?
Although the AAU circuit tends to be more competitive than the Fall/Winter season we encourage all players to try out for the team of his/her age group and from there coaches can determine the best route for your child to find the most success!  We try to accommodate all of our players with the program that best fits their needs, no matter their prior basketball background.

How will you decide the teams?
Tryouts will be held to determine which players will play on which teams during the Spring/Fall season.  After tryouts, coaches will conclude an evaluation process consisting of each individual player’s current skill level, chemistry with surrounding players, attitude, coachability, and effort.  Tryout results typically take one week and you will be emailed your child’s current team and it’s roster.


Refunds are permitted, but no refunds will be provided mid way through any season, which in most seasons is by the third tournament weekend. Please reach out directly to Wellington Smith, the director, to contest any refunds.

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